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21 November 2003

Eileen Dean, a member of the Neural Networks group is attending the International Data Mining Conference in Rio de Janeiro Brazil during 1-3 December, to deliver her paper, "Computer aided identification of biological specimens using self-organizing maps".

Ulrich Paquet has passed his M.Sc examination with distinction, with thesis topic "Training Support Vector Machines with Particle Swarms". He will graduate in April 2004.

The MAS research group bought 4 Lego Mindstorm robots to enable their research in swarm robotics, and to test the newly developed social architecture for controlling these robots to perform a collective task.

20 November 2003

Two articles have been accepted for publication in upcoming editions of the journal IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation. They are:

  1. L Messerschmidt and AP Engelbrecht, "Learning to Play Games using a PSO-Based Competitive Learning Approach".
  2. F van den Bergh and AP Engelbrecht, "A Cooperative Approach to Particle Swarm Optimisation".

9 October 2003

A paper has been accepted for the Data Mining Conference, Brazil, November 2003, titled "Computer aided Identification of Biological Specimens using Self-Organizing Maps", by EJ Dean, AP Engelbrecht, A Nicholas.

25 August 2003

The following papers by Daniel Rodic and Prof Andries Engelbrecht have been accepted for the 2nd International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Singapore, December 2003: "Investigation of Low Cost Hybrid Three-Layer Robot Architecture", "Investigation into applicability of social networks as a task allocation tool for Robot Swarms", and "INDABA - Proposal for an Intelligent Distributed Agent Based Architecture"

20 August 2003

Another paper has been accepted at CEC2003, titled "CIRG@UP OptiBench: A Statistically Sound Framework for Benchmarking Optimisation Algorithms". Congratulations to Edwin Peer, Prof Engelbrecht and Dr Frans vd Bergh.

19 August 2003

Ulrich Paquet will present the findings from the research conducted for his Master's degree on 3 September.

18 August 2003

Ulrich Paquet has been accepted to study his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge, UK, starting October 2003. Congratulations!

New research topics for PhD, Master's and Honours students in 2004 are available. Please contact Prof Engelbrecht via e-mail for more information.

8 August 2003

The following authors' papers have been accepted at the Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC2003), to be held in Australia in December this year: Ulrich Paquet, Nelis Franken and Deon van der Merwe. All the papers were supervised and co-authored by Prof AP Engelbrecht. [ Show ]

21 July 2003

A number of papers have been accepted at the annual conference of the South African Institute of Computer Scientists and Information Technologists (SAICSIT), to be held in Sandton, Johannesburg, in September 2003. The full papers will be available for download from the appropriate publications section from this site soon.

The following researchers' papers were accepted for the post-graduate symposium: Attie Graaff (The Artificial Immune System as Classifier), Nelis Franken (State of the art in game learning: teaching 'Deep Blue' to think), Daniel Rodic (Investigation into applicability of social networks as a task allocation tool for multi-robot teams), Willem van Heerden (Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Mining using self-organising feature maps) and Adi Eyal (Adaptive Learning of Team Strategies in Multiagent systems). Most of these papers were supervised and co-authored by Prof AP Engelbrecht.

The following researchers' papers were accepted as full papers for presentation during the conference: Nelis Franken (Evolving Intelligent Game-Playing Agents) and Attie Graaff (Using a Threshold Function to Determine the Status of Lymphocytes in the Artificial Immune System).

30 April 2003

The CIRG website has been re-launched.

NRF scarce skills bursaries have been awarded to M.Sc students: Adi Eyal, Nelis Franken, and Dylan Scott-Dawkins, and Hons-B.Sc student Evangelos Papacostantis.

24 April 2003

Edwin Peer and Andries Engelbrecht each presented a paper at the IEEE Swarm Intelligence Symposium at Indianapolis, 24-26 April.

30 March 2003

Daniel Rodic has a conference paper accepted for the International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications, Oklahoma, 10-13 August 2003.

5 March 2003

CIRG now consists of 10 Hons-B.Sc project students, 29 M.Sc students and 5 PhD students.

28 February 2003

Andries Engelbrecht is a member of the IEEE Neural Network Society's Task Forces of Evolutionary Computation and Games, and Swarm Intelligence.

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