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17 March 2006

The following journal paper has been accepted for publication:

AJ Graaff, AP Engelbrecht, "Optimised Coverage of Non-Self with Evolved Lymphocytes in an Artificial Immune System", International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research.

16 March 2006

The year is starting well, with the following papers that have been accepted for presentation and publication:

  1. Gary Pampara, Andries Engelbrecht and Nelis Franken, "Binary Differential Evolution", Congress on Evolutionary Computation.
  2. Auralia Edwards and Andries Engelbrecht, "Comparing Optimisation Algorithms for Nonlinear Mapping", Congress on Evolutionary Computation.
  3. Marais Neethling and Andries Engelbrecht, "Determining RNA Secondary Structure using Set-Based Particle Swarm Optimization", Congress on Evolutionary Computation.
  4. # Andries Engelbrecht, "Particle Swarm Optimization: Where does It Belong?", IEEE Swarm Intelligence Symposium.
  5. Johan Conradie and Andries Engelbrecht, "Training Bao Game-Playing Agents using Coevolutionary Particle Swarm Optimization", IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Games.
  6. Mohammed Omran and Andries Engelbrecht, "Self-Adaptive Differential Evolution Methods for Unsupervised Image Classification", IEEE International Conferences on Cybernetics & Intelligent Systems and Robotics, Automation & Mechatronics.

Congratulations to all the above authors.

In addition to the conference papers above, 3 journals papers have already been accepted provided revisions are made to the satisfaction of the editors and reviewers.

1 January 2006

CIRG welcomes another full time member of staff, Willem van Heerden, to its ranks. Willem's current research focus is on data mining and unsupervised neural networks.

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