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31 July 2007

Five-Year Contract Appointment: Professor/Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer/ Lecturer (One Post).

The Department of Computer Science (Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology) recently advertised a vacancy for above mentioned position. This vacancy is specifically for research in Artificial Intelligence as part of the CIRG activities, and general teaching and administration duties as determined by the head of the department.

For further information, contact Prof J.H.P Eloff, +27 12 420-2361.

16 May 2007

Six papers have been accepted for IEEE CEC: Congratulations to the following for having their papers accepted for presentation at the IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation in Singapore, September 2007:

  1. Mohammed Omran and Andries Engelbrecht, "Differential Evolution for Integer Programming Problems".
  2. Attie Graaff and Andries Engelbrecht, "A Local Network Neighbourhood Artificial Immune System for Data Clustering".
  3. Mohammed Omran, Andries Engelbrecht and Ayed Salman, "Self-Adaptive Barebones Differential Evolution".
  4. Andries Engelbrecht and Gary Pampara, "Binary Differential Evolution Strategies".
  5. Andries Engelbrecht and Edrich Van Loggerenberg, "Enhancing the NichePSO".
  6. Olusegun Olorunda and Andries Engelbrecht, "Differential Evolution in High-Dimensional Search Spaces".

Then, we also had the following papers accepted and presented at the IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence in Hawaii, in three different Symposia. Congratulations to all of these authors too:

  1. Mohammed Omran, Andries Engelbrecht and Ayed Salman, "Differential Evolution Based Particle Swarm Optimization", IEEE Swarm Intelligence Symposium.
  2. Mohammed Omran, Andries Engelbrecht, Ayed Salman and Salah Alsharhan, :Barebones particle Swarm for Integer Programming Problems", IEEE Symposium on Swarm Intelligence.
  3. Willem Duminy and Andries Engelbrecht, "Tournament Particle Swarm Optimisation", IEEE Computational Intelligence in Games Symposium.
  4. Jacomine Grobler, Andries Engelbrecht, Johan Joubert, Schalk Kok, "A Starting-time-based Approach to Production Scheduling with Particle Swarm Optimization", IEEE Computational Intelligence in Scheduling Symposium.

And now for the journal papers that have been accepted for publication in 2007:

  1. Gavin Potgieter and Andries Engelbrecht, "Genetic Algorithms for the Structural Optimisation of Learned Polynomial Expressions", Applied Mathematics and Computation, volume 186, pages 1441--1466, 2007.
  2. Salman Khan, Andries Engelbrecht, "Application of Fuzzy Logic in Topology Design of Distributed Local Area Networks", Information Sciences, 177(13):2692--2711, 2007.
  3. Mohammed Omran, Andries Engelbrecht, Ayed Salman, "Empirical Analysis of Self-Adaptive Differential Evolution", accepted for European Journal of Operational Research.
  4. Mohammed Omran, Andries Engelbrecht, Ayed Salman, "An Overview of Clustering Methods", accepted for Intelligent Data Analysis.
  5. Riaan Brits, Andries Engelbrecht, Frans van den Bergh, "Locating Multiple Optima using Particle Swarm Optimization", accepted for Applied Mathematics and Computation.

1 March 2007

It has been close to a year since any news items have been posted to the website, and you must have been thinking: "Is anything happening in this research group?" Well, this is exactly why we do not get to add news items: Too much is happening, keeping us quite busy. Find below a very brief summary of news events for the past year:

  1. The following students have graduated in 2006, or will graduate in April 2007: Johan du Plessis, Leon Messerschmidt, Hans Grobler, Willem Duminy, Clive Naicker, James Pun. Congratulations to all of you!
  2. In 2006 we have published a total of 10 papers in international conference proceedings, and 5 articles in international journals.
  3. Prof Engelbrecht has been awarded a Chair in Artificial Intelligence as part of the Department of Science and Technology's initiative to create a number of research chairs in tertiary institutions in South Africa.
  4. The following members of CIRG attended the IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence in Vancoucer: Auralia Edwards, Gary Pampara, Marais Neethling, and Andries Engelbrecht.
  5. Lona Schoeman presented a paper at the Conference on Simulated Evolution in China.
  6. CIlib has been growing at a tremendous rate. Version 0.7 will be released soon, and will contain frameworks for PSO, EC, and NNs. The regular Friday CIlib developers meetings have grown to accommodate approximately 20 attendees. In addition to CIlib, we are currently working towards setting up a cluster of a few hundred machines.
  7. Currently, CIRG bosts a wopping membership number of 56, which inlcudes 10 Hons-B.Sc project students, 34 Masters students, and 12 PhD students.

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