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10 February 2009

As for 2008, CIRG will again feature very well in the upcoming IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation, to be held in May in Trondheim, Norway. The following papers have been accepted for oral presentations (congratulations to you all):

A Rakitianskaia, AP Engelbrecht, "Training Neural Networks with PSO in Dynamic Environments"

M Riekert, KM Malan, AP Engelbrecht, "Adaptive Genetic Programming for Dynamic Classification Problems"

IL Schoeman, AP Engelbrecht, "Scalability of the Vector-based Particle Swarm Optimizer"

O Olorunda, AP Engelbrecht, "An Analysis of Heterogeneous Cooperative Algorithms"

MGH Omran, AP Engelbrecht, "Free Search Differential Evolution"

P Antoniou, A Pitsillides, T Blackwell, AP Engelbrecht, "Employing the Flocking Behavior of Birds for Controlling Congestion in Autonomous Decentralized Networks"

J Grobler, AP Engelbrecht, "Hybridizing PSO and DE for improved vector evaluated multi-objective optimization"

K Malan, AP Engelbrecht, "Quantifying Ruggedness of Continuous Landscapes using Entropy"

N Franken, "Visual Exploration of Algorithm Parameter Space"

In addition to this, Andries Engelbrecht will present a tutorial, "Particle Swarm Optimization: A Universal Optimizer?"

6 February 2009

Congratulations to the following members of CIRG who will graduate in April 2009:

Mario Poggiolini, "The Feature Detection Rule and its application within the Negative Selection Algorithm", MSc

Marais Neethling, "Using SetPSO to determine RNA secondary structure", MSc

Jacomine Grobler, "Particle swarm optimization and differential evolution for multi-objective multiple machine scheduling", MEng

12 January 2009

The following paper has been accepted for publication in the proceedings of the 2009 Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Data Mining (part of the IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence), taking place in Nashville, Tennessee, between 30 March and 2 April:

Willem S. van Heerden and Andries P. Engelbrecht, "HybridSOM: A Generic Rule Extraction Framework for Self-Organizing Feature Maps".

1 January 2009

The members of CIRG wish to extend their sincere condolences to the family of Olusegun Olorunda, a staff member of CIRG, who tragically passed away on 31 December 2008. Olusegun was an enthusiastic contributor to CIRG's research efforts, and a friend to many of its members.

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