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Research done in this focus area includes new approaches for image clustering, and investigations into how computational intelligence techniques can be used to analyze and understand the content of images and video streams. This research focus area also develops image recognition and tracking systems, with the first application being to the design of a virtual mixer for music.


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A Hauptfleish

M.Sc Completed in 2010

J Pun

M.Sc Completed

H Grobler

M.Sc Completed in 2005
Hons-B.Sc Completed in 2004

M Omran

PhD Completed in 2005


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 Hans Grobler

Portrait photo




 Multi-Agent Systems
 Image Analysis


 Degree specific information: M.Sc


 The Agere Framework for Multi-Agent System (MAS) research


A number of software frameworks exist that allow the development of agent based software. These frameworks however largely focus on creating so called "Software Agents". The agents are exclusively software based and typically focus on the business domain. A framework is developed that, although aiming to be generic, would specifically allow the creation of robotic agents. The framework alsos provide various services to facilitate the development of agents. These services include an agent communication bus that makes use of an agent communication language (ACL) as communication protocol. As part of the development of the framework, a suitable world representation and knowledge exchange mechanisms are investigated and implemented.

 Supervisor / Co-Supervisor:

 AP Engelbrecht


 Not available for download yet.


 Degree specific information: Hons-B.Sc


 Robot Construction from Old Computer Parts


Old and/or obsolete computers and computer parts contain many of the components required to construct simple robots. This project investigates the feasibility of using old computer parts for the construction of robots. The project aims to extensively explore the usability of all available computer parts for the various components of a robot such as: movement, sensors and control processing.

 Supervisor / Co-Supervisor:

 AP Engelbrecht


 Not available for download yet.

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