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The Swarm Intelligence focus area is currently the most active in the group, with the largest number of members. The focus area's main interest is particle swarm optimization (PSO), with the development of new and improved PSO algorithms. Theoretical analyses of PSO are also being done, with convergence proofs being studied. Techniques are developed for constrained optimization, niching (locating multiple solutions), multi-objective optimization, dynamic optimization problems, and to cope with discrete search spaces.

Applications of PSO techniques that are under investigation include the coevolutionary training of neural networks for game playing and financial traders, scheduling, image analysis, and data clustering. The research focus area is also investigating the application of ant colony optimization techniques to exploratory data analysis, workload distribution in computer grids, energy efficient routing in mobile ad hoc networks, and network topology design.


N Asaberere

PhD Started in 2011

F Nepomuceno

M.Sc Started in 2011

R Nshimirimana

PhD Started in 2010

J Langeveld

M.Sc Started in 2010

A van Wyk

M.Sc Started in 2009
Hons-B.Sc Completed in 2008

J Grobler

PhD Started in 2009
M.Eng Completed in 2009

W Matthysen

M.Sc Started in 2008
Hons-B.Sc Completed in 2007

T Scheepers

M.Sc Started in 2008

L Langenhoven

M.Sc Started in 2008
Hons-B.Sc Completed in 2006

J Duhain

M.Sc Started in 2007

A Rakitianskaia

M.Sc Started in 2007

M Greeff

PhD Started in 2007

B Baridam

PhD Started in 2007

C Naicker

PhD Started in 2007
M.Sc Completed in 2006
Hons-B.Sc Completed in 2002

R Klazar

M.Sc Started in 2006

D Constantinou

PhD Started in 2006

G Pampara

M.Sc Started in 2005
Hons-B.Sc Completed in 2004

A Ismail

PhD Started in 2005
M.Sc Completed in 2001

A Edwards

M.Sc Started in 2005


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 Auralia Edwards

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 Swarm Intelligence


 Degree specific information: M.Sc


 Non-Linear Mapping using Particle Swarm Optimization


Not available

 Supervisor / Co-Supervisor:

 AP Engelbrecht


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