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Below is a list of the doctorate members actively conducting research at CIRG. Click on each name for more detailed information on the researcher and his/her project.

M Snyman

PhD Started in 2009

P Raharja

PhD Started in 2009

M Mtshali

PhD Started in 2009

B Kalema

PhD Started in 2009

J Grobler

PhD Started in 2009
M.Eng Completed in 2009

M Ahmad

PhD Started in 2009

T Museba

PhD Started in 2008

L Li

PhD Started in 2008

C Naicker

PhD Started in 2007
M.Sc Completed in 2006
Hons-B.Sc Completed in 2002

K Malan

PhD Started in 2007

M Greeff

PhD Started in 2007

B Baridam

PhD Started in 2007

MC du Plessis

PhD Started in 2006

D Constantinou

PhD Started in 2006

A Graaff

PhD Started in 2005
M.Sc Completed in 2003

N Franken

PhD Started in 2005
M.Sc Completed in 2004
Hons-B.Sc Completed in 2002

A Ismail

PhD Started in 2005
M.Sc Completed in 2001


Below is a list of previous doctorate members that conducted research at CIRG. Click on each name for more detailed information on the researcher and his/her project.

L Schoeman

PhD Completed in 2010

P Lutu

PhD Completed in 2010

S Khan

PhD Completed in 2009

D Rodic

PhD Completed in 2005
M.Sc Completed in 1999

M Omran

PhD Completed in 2005

F van den Bergh

PhD Completed in 2002



 Salman Khan

Portrait photo




 Swarm Intelligence
Evolutionary Computation


 Degree specific information: PhD


 Design and Analysis of Iterative Heuristics and Swarm Intelligence Techniques for Topology Design of Distributed Local Area Networks


Distributed LAN (DLAN) topology design can be classified as an NP-hard problem. Intelligent Algorithms, such as iterative heuristics and swarm intelligence techniques, are some possible approaches to address the problem and to come up with desirable solutions. DLAN topology design consists of several conflicting objectives such as minimization of cost, minimization of network delay, minimization of number of hops between two nodes, and maximization of reliability. These objectives can be combined into one objective function, and fuzzy logic seems to be the most suitable framework in such a situation. The research will explore the possibility of using a number of iterative/evolutionary heuristics as well as the use of swarm intelligence algorithms for DLAN topology design in the presence of certain constraints. Moreover, design of hybridized approaches that result from incorporating characteristics of one heuristic into the other will also be considered. Possible areas where fuzzy logic can be used in decision making will also be explored.

 Supervisor / Co-Supervisor:

 AP Engelbrecht


 Not available for download yet.

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